For 11 years now, Richu Poultry operated at 17 Railway Ave, Klerksdorp Industrial. This was an old gray house that had been converted to a hatchery.

 The days of the poultry flock on every farm were gone. Today, 99% of our business is done through our catalog, which serves the small farm flock and the hobbyist. Baby chicks have always been the main staple of the business. Today ducklings, goslings, guinea keats, turkey poults, peafowl, and game birds are hatched and shipped through the mail. Orders for poultry books, medicine, incubators, hatching eggs, equipment, and other poultry related products are shipped daily from our hatchery. Many of the items are shipped to rural areas where these products are sometimes hard to find. We are making every effort to be a one-stop poultry shop.