Kosher King Chickens Free Range

Kosher King originate from heritage breeds such as the Barred Rock and Sussex. Around 80% of the Kosher Kings are barred while 20% are a mix of silver and red.

Freedom Ranger Chickens

Perfect for free range environments, these tri-colored or red feathered chickens grow to 5-6 lbs in just 9-11 weeks. Baby chicks for sale each week.

Freedom Ranger Color Yield

The Color Yield Freedom Ranger is the standard RedBro female crossed with a faster growing Color Yield male.


This breed originated from Barred Plymouth Rock and New Hampshire. We are only able to sell straight run. Limited availability.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire originates from the state of New Hampshire and has been selected for fast feathering and rapid growth.

Novogen Brown

The Novogen Brown is a Red Sexlink. This particular breed has been developed in France drawing from a cross between Rhode Island Red and Leghorn genetics.

Khaki Campbell Ducks

Excellent egg producers, our Khaki Campbell ducks can produce up to 300 eggs per year and are offered for sale on the first Monday of each month.

White Muscovy Ducks

Domesticated in Europe, White Muscovy ducks were originally discovered in Brazil and are known for their intelligence and love of flight.

Bantam Silkies

The most unusual feature is the texture of their feathers which is almost fur-like in appearance and soft to the touch like hair.

What does the term STRAIGHT RUN mean?

The term straight run means the males and females are not separated. Generally an order of 100 will have 50 males and 50 females. Normally we ship a straight run, but there is no guarantee you will receive 50 males and 50 females.