For Chicks

Chick Feeder

This 20” plastic feeder comes with a reel to prevent roosting and will not rust. Easy to clean. 5 pound feed capacity. Two may be fastened together and it is good for all kinds of poultry.
This 20” long plastic feeder will feed about 25 chicks. It comes with an easy open top for cleaning and refilling. The top prevents loss of feed.

Wiker HD

Wiker HD Poultry Feeder

HD 18 guage galavanized steel feeder holds 75 lbs of feed. Can be mounted with the lid outside and trough inside so you dont have to go into the coop to fill the feed. Or, mount it inside, its your choice. 28" H 14 1/2" W so it fits between studs. Galvanzied steel and stainless steel screws and rivets means this will last forever. Its also simple to put together. No specail tools required.

Galvanized Feeder

Galvanized Feeder Base Quart

Just add 1 quart home canning jar to this galvanized round feeder base and you have this convenient feeder completed. Ideal for small birds. Requires a small mouth canning jar.



Made of galvanized steel and are good for day old through 6 week old chicks. Each feeder is two foot long and will take care of up to 35 chicks.

Extreme Range

Extreme Range Feeders

Hanging Extreme Feeder (Shown) holds 25 pounds of feed. Hanging feeders reduce waste and are ideal for any age of birds. Easily raise or lower to any height. Hanging Extreme Feeder is Red.

50 Lb. Range

50 Lb. Range Tank Feeders

These range feeders are the best ever made. Designed for small to medium capacity. The lid and rain shield are plastic molded in one piece making it 100% water proof. The whole top unit can be removed for easy filling.